Museum Petrified Forest in Louny


 The museum is situated in the bastion of the town wall near the Žatecká Gate. The access to the museum is from the Sladovnická street, across the mini-golf. In the museum you can see plant fossils, permineralized tree trunks dated to the period from 20 to 300 million years old. The tree trunk with nest cavities of a woodpecker-like bird can be considered as unique. The exposition informs you about the fossils found in the region of Louny and its vicinity.


Opened:           may, june, september  12 p.m. -  17 p.m.

                         july, august                 11 a.m. -  17 p.m.  


Contact:                tel.:  415 627 942   



Entrance fee :                        10,- Kč


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